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All of our courses are developed and presented by industry experts


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We feature a series of Master classes led by our instructors and guest presenters . The courses and developed and presented by experts in their field.

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Our  courses are designed for professionals to equip them with the knowledge, terminology and skills to make critical decisions, negotiate better outcomes and professionally represent clients.

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Earn your certificate, earn CPE and advance your career. Conditions may apply.

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What our learners say about us

The courses are so easy to follow and the way the material is presented is easy to understand. I finally get these topics after months of trying other platforms and courses. I can't thank the teachers enough!
Nick E,  Manager Fraud Investigations
I was hearing a lot of buzzwords and claims about blockchain but none of it made any business sense. After doing the blockchain course for executives I have the knowledge to make sense of the jargon and to make informed investment decisions.
Steve S, Company Director
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Frequently asked questions

What courses should I take?

This is dependent on your business needs, profession and personal interests. We have found that students learn and enjoy courses outside their field of expertise too, so jump in and enjoy!

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

Nansen Learning courses are focused on busy Executives, Lawyers and Leaders who don't have the time or interest to take on a week long technical course. Our courses are short, the prices reasonable but they convey knowledge and real-world experience you cant get with other courses.   

Will I be an expert after the course?

Unfortunately not, most of our experts have been in their industries for 20+ years. What you will have is a solid understanding of any technology and more importantly, how it can enhance your business.

What if I am using a Mac computer?

Don't worry, all of our courses are web based and work on all mobile phones and computers. If you have any issues connecting then just reach out to our help line and we will get you running.

How long are the courses?

This varies with the subject, but are typically around two hours long.

How is a 2 hour course better than a week long one?

Our courses are focused on Executives, Lawyers and Leaders who are time poor. You will not be a technical expert by the end of the courses, but you will know how the technology works and more importantly how it can work in your business and the risks and issues you need to pay attention too. 
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