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At Nansen Edu, we are passionate about giving you the right tools to advance your knowledge in Emerging Technologies so you feel capable and confident in making critical business decisions. As a legal practitioner, represent your clients armed with contemporary knowledge and skills to give them the advantage they need. 
We also know that certain careers put people at risk of a range of mental health issues while life pressures can limit your personal growth, and sometimes become overwhelming.  That is why we feature practical client centered courses  developed and led by a clinical psychologist and International Human Rights Lawyer who understand the pressures within these fields. 

Meet Our Creators

Andrew Collins

Cloud Transformation 
Andrew has more than 20 years experience working in the tech industry holdings roles as a CIO, CTO in Australia and Internationally in both the Government and the Private Sectors. In 2019 Andrew was named in the top 50 CIO's in Australia.

Andrew holds Bachelor Degrees in Engineering and IT and is soon to complete a Master's degree in Astro-Physics.
Andrew is a co-founder and Director of

Rose MacDonald

Rose worked in law enforcement for 19 years as a Detective and Senior Digital Forensic Analyst, before accepting roles with the Australian Federal Government where she managed specialist teams in fraud investigations, digital forensics and data analytics.

Rose holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Diploma of Education and a Master of Digital Forensics. Rose is a co-founder and Director of

Our Instructors

All our instructors hold Master's degrees or higher in their chosen area of expertise combined with at least 15 years experience working 'on the ground'. This means you get the very best instruction from those who have done the work underpinned by the latest research. All our courses focus on the knowledge you need so that you are ready to apply it from the moment you start.

You will learn more about your instructor following enrolment in your chosen course and if you have any questions, please contact us at

Courses designed for busy professionals

Our top priority is to boost your learning and give you the skills to make better decisions, enhance your reputation, and learn skills to improve your life.  

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Complete courses at your own pace in manageable timeframes.

Master Classes

Sign up for one of our live Master classes where you get to interact with leadings professionals in their fields. 

Peer learning

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.


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Core Features

Our courses are easy to follow, require no pre-requisites or experience. We will give you what you need to progress. No steps are skipped!

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